Art Acquisition

The Art Shop has a vast network of artists that we collaborate with from around the world.   Whether your client’s style is traditional, modern or somewhere in between, we can help you find the right piece for your client’s space.  For over a century we have been building relationships with artists, publishers, galleries, photographers and art dealers.  With our global footprint, we can find the perfect art that aligns with your vision and budget!


For artwork that is truly unique, we can have a piece commissioned to the size and style of your request. Commissioning a work of art can be an excitng process and a great way to satisfy all your clients requests.

The commission process begins with discussion of theme, size, color palette, and style.  If this is your first time commissioning a piece, we can help navigate the many questions that may arise along the way.  How much will it cost?  How long will it take? How much say will I have in the final product?  Every artist is different in they approach the commission.  With our experience, we will make sure your commission gets off to a great start and is completed to your satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Question:

Q:  Do you have connections to local North Carolina artists?
A:  Of course we do!  In fact, we have a  gallery dedicated to local North Carolina artists.  If you aren’t familiar with the local art scene, let us be your guide to finding great art in North Carolina.

On Site Visit

Are you having trouble finding art to suit the mood of your room?  Our art consultants can work with you in our gallery, or come to your on location to make suitable recommendations.

Frequently Asked Question:

Q: Do you have any budget friendly art options?
A: In addition to fine art, we also provide budget friendly open edition prints from numerous art publishers.  These prints are a great option for maximizing wall coverage.  Contact us for a list of vendors.